The Gridiron Heroes Texas-World Bowl sponsored by Brownwood, Texas is proud to offer its partners industry-leading services in brand management, brand protection, and brand development. As such, TEXAS HERITAGE BOWL serves as a conduit in managing the application process and makes recommendations to each institution about the viability of each applicant. However, the ultimate decision maker on all new applicants is the individual institution. The more thorough the application and proposed plans for marketing the collegiate product, the greater the likelihood that a company will receive a favorable response from the institutions.

Companies wishing to produce merchandise bearing the trademarks of institutions represented by Gridiron Heroes Texas Heritage Bowl sponsored by Brownwood, Texas for retail sale or internal/campus consumption must obtain a license.

Gridiron Heroes Texas Heritage Bowl sponsored by Brownwood, Texas encourages any company interested in obtaining a co license to review the information contained in this section of the website in order to gain a better understanding of the application process, the type of license that makes sense, and the commitment/resources necessary to obtain approval from partner institutions. After review of the licensing considerations presented here, an application can be downloaded for evaluation and completion for submission to Gridiron Heroes Texas Heritage Bowl piece of merchandise or signage. For more information, contact Ronald Oswalt at 512-409-5277.