Dottie was born in Brownwood, Texas; she is the daughter of Clyde & Edna Word. She was raised in Fort Stockton where she received all public education; she then attended Angelo State University where she received a journalism background.

She married and moved to Missouri where she and her husband owned two ranches, a farm, had a large cow calf operation, and she served as state board member for the Missouri State Cattlemen’s Association. She also served as a lobbyist with them, the Christian Coalition, and with Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle forum. Through Eagle Forum she was trained to run a U.S. Senate campaign, and in 1996 she worked on 9 different political campaigns.

Dottie moved back to Brownwood in 2001, where she started her own business called Miss Magic Cleaning Service. When she sold her ranch in 2013, she invested in rental properties here in Brownwood. Since then she purchased “South Park Medical Plaza” and several rental properties consisting of 3 & 4 bedroom homes, furnished cabins, and apartments. She rents mostly to medical travelers, Doctors, Nurses, Physical and Occupational Therapists, and Cotas. She also belongs to the Pecan Valley Republican Women Club.  Dottie is very active with the Early Chamber of Commerce and serves as an Ambassador. Thank you Dottie for all you do for our Community.

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